Garment Focus – Drop Sleeve Tee

10th Apr 2018

Garment Focus – Drop Sleeve Tee

Let's talk about our most unique shirt today, shall we?

The Drop Sleeve Tee is one of a kind and a wardrobe must-have every woman should own.

Garment Focus – Drop Sleeve TeeWe know that sometimes choosing the right top could turn into a nightmare.

Does it go well with a pair of jeans? Could I wear this for a more formal occasion with a pair of smart trousers instead? Will a simple one colour top be enough or should I risk it with a full pattern or loud print?

The Drop Sleeve Tee simply provides you with one single answer to all your questions.

Garment Focus – Drop Sleeve Tee

To quote one of our lovely customers this is a "Smart and comfortable tee which will go with a lot of shorts and trousers".

We weren't lying, it really goes with many outfits.

This V front relaxed tee features a plain colour on the front and a contrast printed back panel which extends over the shoulders.

It has a touch of Elastane for a flattering look but it's mostly made of Viscose, ideal for those women seeking a luxurious, silk-like feel.

Garment Focus – Drop Sleeve Tee

This fabric not only drapes beautifully but also shows off the vivid colours. 

Absolutely perfect for the water-colour pattern on the back.

Choose between the silver sage with a classic floral print on the back, or the light blue one with a more abstract modern design.

Or treat yourself and get them both!

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